Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cold & Rainy

Brody decided he wanted to get up when his Daddy got up this morning at about 5:15 and he was ready to play, so we spent the morning watching Old School cartoons like The Rugrats ( which was one of my favorites) and playing Hot Rod's, we cooked Pancakes (which Brody loves and when he says Pancake it is the most adorable thing ever) until Brody decided he needed to go back to sleep. We also went to my Dr for a visit because I have been having terrible allergies and finally needed to get something for them, especially for my eyes! It is cold and rainy here and we are sitting on the couch watching "The Jumparounds." Brody loves this show and especially the episode "Loco Legs." He goes around saying "Coco Legs" all the time and dances, it is cute!

My Brother in Law's wedding is on Saturday so we will be busy all weekend... we are going over tonight to take a white tent and then tomorrow we are going over for the rehearsal and dinner and to help decorate. Saturday Morning the guys are going golfing and the girls are going to have girl time and get our hair and stuff done and the wedding is Saturday evening. It is at a pumpkin patch and it will be beautiful! We are all in the wedding including little Brody.. this is his 1st wedding and he is the ring bearer, I am crossing my fingers it isn't too disastrous, haha.

While Mama wasn't looking Brody snuck and got into my snack of Milk & Cookie's.


Brandi said...

5:15... I would die!!!! That's so early! Brody looks sooo big in this post. What a fun weekend! Can't wait to see pics.

Pink Prayer Journal said...

He is sooo big and so cute! I love his football onesie!