Monday, November 29, 2010

Please pray!

Last night there was a very bad car accident on Cranston road in Morehead, Ky that took the life of a young girl and left two in very critical condition. Lance O'cull was a friend of mine and from my hometown and graduated a year before me.. They airlifted him to UK and he is in very critical conditon. This is the latest update his sister gave.. Please pray for him and his family. He comes from a wonderful Christian family and they could all use prayers, right now all that can help is the power of prayer.

Lance was involved in a head on collision last night on Cranston. He has suffered life threatening injuries. He has a pelvic fracture, which had landed him in traction. He had a liver laceration that has been packed. He has chest tubes to help with the fluid overload. He has received multiple unit of blood products. He also has arm fractures. However, all of these below the head things can be fixed. What is the most concerning right now is his brain. They are mainly concerned with his intercranial pressure, which needs to stay low and so far today it has. His blood pressure and heart rate have also been stable today. He has been on chemical paralytics, they are hoping to start beta-blockers tonight and perhaps a feeding tube tomorrow. We greatly appreciate everyone's prayers for Lance, he needs a miracle. Also, please keep the other people involved in the accident in your prayers. We are at the trauma ICU at UK Hospital.



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I am praying for your friend and all those involved

Lauren said...

absolutely praying for everyone involved and their families!

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Prayers and more prayers! I am trying to email you back but your comment doesn't link up with an email...not to take away from this post but email me when you can. I'll talk to you more about the ? about blog design...I did mine and have a design shop and would love to help you with a Holiday design. Talk to you soon!