Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas dinner #1

Yesterday was our First Christmas celebration for this Holiday season. It was at my Grandma June's house, we had a spaghetti dinner and opened presents. We did things a little different this year since there are SO many of us.. we just brought gifts for Grandma and then Grandma made each and every one of us ( about 50 or so) big bags and inside she put in a pillow ( with a pillowcase she made) a quilt ( she had made) a sewing kit she put together and a flashlight! It was such a neat gift and one I will treasure forever!!
After Ma June's we came home for a much needed nap and then went back to church for the small Christmas program which turned out so cute!!
I still can't believe Christmas is in just  5 days!!!!!!!

Me & My Baby Brother
Me & my baby boy

I also want to Congratulate my cousin Lacey ( on the left) for graduating from Eastern Kentucky University on Saturday with a degree in Elementary Education, I'm so proud of her!!

Brody loves his big Santa..
 My cousin Grace and I

A little bit of what it looks like at Ma June's house...

 Brody loves the nativity scene at church.. every time were there he goes up and kisses baby Jesus.
 My Mom and Grandmother ( Ma June)

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and remembers the real reason for the season!!!


Annie said...

sounds like a perfect christmas celebration!!
cute pictures hun!! i love that brody kisses baby jesus :)

Abby said...

What fun traditions! Brody is getting so big. He looks darling in the Christmasy rompers :)

Jessica said...

What a special gift from your grandma! Brody looks so old with his haircut! And your brother is so handsome ;) That is so sweet that Brody kisses the baby Jesus! I'm loving your headband girl! You looked so pretty!

Anonymous said...

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Rosie said...

I agree w/what Abby said. Brody is getting so big and his little rompers are too cute!