Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brody's 2nd Christmas! Part 1

On Christmas eve we put on Brody's Christmas pajama's, baked some snowman cookies for Santa Claus, wrote a little note for santa, and went to bed... but not before Brody ate almost all of the cookies as he sat by the Christmas tree.

 He fell asleep pretty fast since he had a pretty big Christmas eve.. once he fell asleep I got back up and went and played Santa, we had a few things to put together.
 Santa made a stop for Brody Luke
 I am still like a little kid when it comes to Christmas, I love the feeling of Christmas and giving gifts and seeing others when they open them and I was even more excited this year since Brody is at such a fun age and actually knew what was going on. I woke up at 6:00 and couldn't go back to sleep, I finally woke Timmy and Brody up at 7:00. Out of all the toys... Brody wanted his little hot wheels.

 He loves to play basketball, so he loved his goal!

 It took him about 30 minutes before he fully woke up and realized his police car hot rod...

 Boy once he did, he loved it!!! He loved the lights and sirens!

 After Brody opened his presents and played with his toys from Santa it was time to walk over to my parents for the rest of our Christmas... (will come later).


Annie said...

cute pictures!! looks like your little boy was very good the past year!! ;) he got all kinds of awesome toys!

Jessica said...

He looks so old in those pj! Love them! I'm such a kid on Christmas Eve too! I didn't sleep all night thinking about the kids' reactions the next morning!Happy New Year!