Friday, February 25, 2011

A Day at the Aquarium

Yesterday Me, Brody, and my Mom headed to NKY to meet my sister and nephew's at the Newport Aquarium! We took Brody last summer with them and he loved it then but he really loved it this time since he was a little older. He loved looking at all the fish and running around with his cousins checking everything out. He really loved going to the Penguin House. We got tickets and got to go behind the scenes into the Penguin house and it was so neat! Brody, Zach, and Landon loved getting to pet the penguin's, it was too cute! After the aquarium we ate at Johnny Rocket's. We had a super fun day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Was it worth the drive, we are thinking about going~

Annie said...

Looks like fun!! B is getting so big!