Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prayer Request's

It is a beautiful day here in KY and we are fighting off a bad cough that Brody has! I do have a few prayer request I wanted to post!

--Say a special prayer for Miss Mialyn and her Mom and Dad as they are at UK trying to figure out why Mialyn was in so much pain. They thought bowel obstruction, but now just may be a bad UTI. Say a prayer she is feeling much better and gets to go home!

--Say a prayer for my Cousin Mandi and her sweet little girl, Lyric. She is just a month old and is at Vanderbilt in the ICU with RSV. 

-- Please say a prayer for Lance as he is now back at UK for some problem's he is having. Pray for his healing!


Rosie said...

Prayers sent your way!

Lauren said...

sending lots of prayers up for each of these!