Thursday, February 17, 2011

Praying for Lance!

You may remember when I posted back in November about a friend from my hometown being in a car accident and asking you to please send up special prayers for him? I along with so many of his family, friends, and stranger's have been continually praying for him each and everyday. I am asking for special prayers for Lance and his dear family today as they travel the 455 miles from the Shepard Center to his home here in KY for a safe and easy trip. Lance has made great progression  and part of his wake up program is bringing him back to his home to familiar settings. I pray for him and his family each and every day. I know so many friends, family, and strangers are praying for Lance and his family and the Power of Prayer is what WORKS!!!

You can check out the blog his sister has set up and that the family updates on Live The Lion. You can read more of his story and see his progression.

Praying for Lance and his Family!!!!!!


Lauren said...

Hmm..I wonder if this is a same Lance that a friend has been praying for as well--she's from Vanceburg. Is that maybe the same person?

Brit said...

Praying for your friend sweet girl!

Annie said...

Praying for Lance and his Family!!!!!!