Friday, February 18, 2011

What a week!

First of all let me just say the weather here in KY this week has been amazing!!!!! It has been in the 60's and has been so nice, Brody and I have played outside everyday! I can't believe it has been this nice in February but I am NOT complaining, Bring on Spring!!!!

We had a great Valentine's Day, my sister and nephews came up from NKY and we spent the day at my parent's and then I cooked Timmy a nice meal and we just lounged around the house. I got 4 pandora charms for my bracelet!! Yea!

Brody has had his 2nd ear infection this week. He has been fine all day on Tuesday and then he just started screaming/crying saying his right ear hurt and holding it and sure enough he had a ear infection but he is doing much better! He has even learned how to take his medicine like a big boy! It used to be so hard to give him medicine cause he would cry and scream and only about 1/2 of it would get in his mouth but not anymore, Mommy takes some "medicine" and then Brody takes his and then we end with a Big Boy Medicine dance, hey it works :)

Brody spent his "1st Night" away from his mommy last night, but he was only across the hallway. I started feeling bad last night with a headache, chills, and a sore throat and thought I was maybe getting the flu or something so I slept in the guest bedroom while Brody and Timmy slept in our room. That was the first night since he has been born that I had not slept with him and Timmy said he fell right to sleep and slept all night. He woke up crying for me when Timmy got up for work! I am feeling much better this morning, Thank goodness, must have just been a little bug, I was bound and determined I was NOT GETTING SICK!!!! I have a MUCH NEEDED hair appointment today I had to be better!!

My sister Lindsey is coming home today for the weekend, and we can't wait!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


Brandi said...

Love that last pic!! That dog is adorable!!! Ear infections are horrible!! UGH!!! Glad B is better! Glad you are better too. The world falls apart when we mommies are sick!!

Annie said...

glad you are not sick hun!! hope you have a great weekend! :)
cute pics of your little guy! and i'm totally jealous of your warm weather!

Paige said...

I'm loving this weather too! Although, it just makes me so jealous that Spring is not here yet! I love the photos of Brody, he is such a cutie!