Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is finally here!

St. Patrick's Day was my wonderful Mother's birthday, so we spent the day celebrating leprechaun style, haha. My sister Tisha and my nephews came in for the weekend and we had a wonderful time. Brody absolutely adores his nephew's and the weather was great so they spent Thursday and Friday playing outside all day! Friday evening my sister Lindsey came in from Lexington and we all went and celebrated Mom's birthday at Dick's Pizza, so good!

We had big plans of playing again on Saturday but Saturday morning around 4:00 Brody woke up with a fever and then vomited 2 time's. He fell back asleep by 5:00 and just ran a low grade fever the rest of the day, so we stayed away from everyone so we wouldn't get anyone sick. Must have just been a little bug! I hate when he is sick though, just break's my heart!!
Today we went to church, Toro Loco to eat, and ran some errand's, and then my sweet friend Tiffany was in from Lexington and she came up for visit, which was so nice because it had been way too long!!!

Birthday Momma

Brody and Zach decorating their St. Patrick's day cake

We went over to my Uncle's Farm store, Big Barn to check out the bunnies and chicks he gets in every year, Brody loves taking trips the the Big Barn!

My precious boy!
Landon and the chick, he loved them too!!

Brody & Aunt Les holding the chick!

So then Brody decided he could just pick a chick up himself....

Then he may have been squeezing a little too hard..

Landon, Brody, Me, and cousin Daisy decided to join us too!

We had a great weekend, besides Brody getting sick.. we were happy to see some warmer weather!! So glad Spring is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like we have all been waiting forever on spring weather!!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you all have been having a wonderful time!

Your little boy is adorable!