Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ToggleTails Review! Adorable!

I received this adorable pail for Brody just in time for Easter!! I have been wanting to get him one of these to have each year since he was first born!! It is a white pail ( not sure exact measurements but great size!!!) with a wooden handle. It is so colorful and cute and made so well! I am so excited about and can't wait to let Brody use it!!! It could be used for so many different things, toys, candy, socks, etc! This pail came from the Etsy store ToggleTails. You will not be disappointed!! I also received an adorable monogrammed key chain that I just love. I love how it was packaged and the 2 cards with religious inspiration that came in the packing!

ToggleTails has so many cute item's from the Pail's, to personalized vases, kid's sippy cup's, key chain's, earrings, personalized snack bowl's and so much more!!!! Head on over to ToggleTails and see for yourself all of the cute item's the store has to offer!

I talked with the owner of ToggleTails and asked her to tell me a little bit about ToggleTails and how it began!!

I'm an "empty-nester" filling time with what I enjoy doing most: designing and creating for others! I am also a Kindergarten teacher. 32 YEARS of teaching! That is my day job (for now)!! For all you Moms out there that fit in this category, you know what it's like when your babies grow up and fly the coop. This dream all began a few years ago when my boys "flew the coop"! I acquired an interest in designing and creating jewelry. I love color and lots of it. It was all the different colors, textures, shapes and sizes of materials used in making a piece of jewelry that were inspiring.  

I really don't consider myself an "artist". I just have a God-given talent for designing and creating, My Grandmother was a true artist and I admired everything she did. She was an inspiration to me and I give her credit for what I do. 
I am often asked how I make so many different and unique pieces. Well, sometimes I see it, then design and create it. Other times, I just design as I create. I enjoy both ways!! 
The rest grew out of a desire to dabble and play with other things of various color, texture, shape, and size. Thus, came the key chains and vinyl lettering. If an item can be monogrammed with vinyl, I will find it and do it. It's fun to take something so plain and bring it to life with just a little color!!  Out of all this came "Toggletails"!!!

Go on over and check out ToggleTails, you won't be disappointed!!!!!!


Jessica said...

That is so cute! I love the keychain too!

Abbi said...

too cute! i love it!
thanks for sharing!