Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Sister's Birthday

Yesterday was my sister Leslia's 29th Birthday!!! Happy Happy Birthday to you Les!! We went out to dinner at Sakura to celebrate!! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!!

Birthday Girl & Willie

 Brody is always napping at dinner time..
But he woke up for the cupcakes!

He helped Aunt Les blow out her candles

Group Birthday shot.. minus Timmy

Here is what Brody got Aunt Les for her birthday, he was so proud of it he even added some glitter to it!

If you wonder why I look so terrible in the pictures I have had some serious Allergy Issues or something!! I have been sick for like the last 2 weeks and I have just been battling it out, because I don't like to take any medication while I am pregnant but I think I am going to have to bend today and take some Claritin and see if it helps ( Doctor approved!) I have had the itchiest eyes, nose, and terrible headaches!!!


Kim said...

Aw.. so story your feeling so Blah lately!! Hope it gets better! Happy Birthday to ur sissy!! Y'all look so much a like! :) Brody did a great job with her bday gift, how fun!!!

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh you and your sister look like twins! Love Brody's art--too cute!