Saturday, August 27, 2011


I love Saturday's that are spent at home with no plans, and no certain time that we have to be anywhere, I love it. Today we slept in as a family, laid around the house, cleaned, spent time outside, and spent time at my parent's. We even watched 2 movies in the middle of the day, and Timmy is actually on his 3rd with Brody asleep on him and I am obviously not very interested in his movie choice, so blogging it is.

-- Sad day for me yesterday.. I dropped my Iphone into the pool, sunk all the way to the deep end. I had just gotten it for Mother's day, fail on my part.

--I forgot to do my weekly pregnancy update, oops. I did have a Dr appt last Wednesday and the baby looked great, yay! I go back in 4 weeks for my big Ultrasound and I can't wait! I just want know if I will have another precious baby boy or a sweet little girl!

-- Timmy has been working on a big project for me and it is finished, on his part. Now I just need to get things organized and put away, he built me a closet!! Once I get it cleaned up I will post a picture!

Not much else to update on... Life is good!  Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!

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