Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Where did my little baby go?

Where oh where did my little baby go? Brody is really growing and is turning into such a little boy, instead of a baby, but it is happening way too fast for this Mama!!! Brody is becoming very independent in so many different ways. He especially loves to dress himself and alot of days I just let him do it, it is easier then arguing with him and I just laugh and think its so cute to see what he picks out to wear. It is most usually a shirt and shorts dealing with sports. Note to self: When getting him new clothes for fall make sure to get plenty of cute UK shirts and Sports shirts. So today he wanted to wear his UK basketball shirt which has long sleeves but I let him, he was proud and he did look so handsome! He also got a haircut last night, which always makes him look even older. Which he loves getting haircut's, it is too cute. Last night Timmy asked if he wanted him to hold him and Brody said, "No daddy I will sit by myself." He sat perfectly still and then looked at himself in the morning and said, "I look good." Another moment where he was so proud.

We made muffins this morning and he was taking these over for Grandma & Grandpa

Where did my little baby go?

Had to stop and take a break to kill ant's.
One of his silly faces.


Jessica said...

His haircut makes him look so old! I love "I look good" hahah how sweet!

Brandi said...

Your little man really does look so big!!! SAD!!!!!!! Ty dresses himself too, it's funny!! Just think, you'll get another baby to hold...fun!! Im past that point in my life, sad!!!!!!!

Annie said...

He really does look so old!! And so cute!!