Thursday, October 13, 2011

22 Weeks & 24 Years-UPDATED

-22 Weeks with Baby Boy Roland # 2

Size of baby: According to baby center the baby is around 1 lb and the size of a spaghetti squash. I go for an ultrasound in 2 weeks so we will see just how big he is really is!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +15

Maternity Clothes: Oh Yes. Just went and got all kinds of new maternity clothes for my Birthday!

Gender: BOY!

Movement: I feel him all the time!! I love it. I is so amazing and so sweet, I forgot just how wonderful it is to finally be able to feel him kick.

Sleep: I have been sleeping pretty good this week!

What I miss: I miss not being able to sleep on my stomach and as vain as it sounds I miss my smaller body!

Cravings: Egg Sandwich's, weird.

Symptoms: Acid Reflux, Heartburn, Charlie Horses, and Tail Bone pain (at times).

24 Years old

This is where the 24 years comes in... Today is my Birthday!! Happy 24th Birthday to me! I feel so blessed in my life right now and I am excited to be celebrating another blessed birthday and many more. Thank you to everyone who has already called, texted, and facebooked me!! I'm so lucky to have such great friends and family!

We have been celebrating my birthday all week. On Tuesday my Brother in Law Matt, sister Tisha, and nephews Zach and Landon came to spend the day with my for my birthday. We went to the apple orchard, the cabin, and had a birthday lunch! Yesterday my mom, Brody and I went to the Jerffersonville Outlets where I got new maternity clothes!! Today was rainy and cold so Brody and I spent the day playing. We had a birthday lunch with my parent's, Les, & Willie! I got a beautiful surprise delivered from Timmy & Brody. This evening we went out to Dick's Pizza for my birthday dinner. I got spoiled this birthday! I had a wonderful birthday! I think everyone for all of the birthday wishes, it was a great day!

Timmy & Brody got me a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with a fall wreath, tart's, a fall sign, and we can't forget my new coach purse!

My Mom & I at dinner

My family. Brody had just woken up, bless his heart!
Les & Willie at dinner.
 My Dad and Titus were at dinner too we just don't have any pictures of them!


Brandi said...

Happy birthday you young hot momma!!!!! Hope u have a fabulous day!!!!!!!

Abbi said...

happy happy bday to you!
you look adorable preggers!!