Monday, October 17, 2011

Nursery Advice!

I am sure several of you who have been following for awhile remember Brody's sports nursery? Well we decided to do this little guys nursery the exact same way. I had all of the bedding/accessories and it was like new (Brody never used it)and my husband is obsessed with sports and insisted on another sports room and this was the cutest I could find even after looking for something new! I did get a new crib and dresser/changing table because I had sold Brody's and I found a great find on craigslist! I have a big chair and Ottoman in the light blue color that will be coming and I want to get a bookshelf. I also still need to add some things to the walls and his name! Where I need your help is... I want to get a big rug to go in here and I have no idea what color to go with? What would you all suggest? I would love to mix in stripes or plaid but would that be to much? Also, I've thought either getting a Vinyl Decal of his name and or a quote or I have someone that could paint it? I need some help!! I am just not having a good vision this time around and although it is very similar I want it to be a bit different from Brody's nursery.


Mrs. Mama said...

we always said if we had another girl that we would just make little changes... but for the most part keep it the same. maybe repaint it and add a little details? not sure.

hope you are doing well!

Sarah P said...

I think a green rug would look good! I really like the new crib!