Friday, October 21, 2011

Random Friday

This week has got me thinking that we may definitely have a very very cold winter if our Fall is already this cold! It has been rainy and in the 40's all week! I do love the changing of the seasons, especially right now the trees are just beautiful!

Yesterday I was 23 weeks pregnant, yay! Moving right along! I had been doing the pregnancy post every week, but not much has been changing so I think I will start doing it every few weeks! I go to the DR next week so I will post then! Everything is going great!

This week we have spent alot of time inside playing, working puzzles, coloring, reading, and painting! I love my days that I am able to spend with Brody and I am so thankful. I can't wait to have two boys to spend my days with.

Didn't really have my camera out any this week but I caught everything on my phone of course.. so here are pictures from my phone.

Brody's favorite toy's are his hot rod's. We have hundreds of them really. He takes some everywhere we go. He has a thing with lining them up, he does it multiple times a day.

On Tuesday evening we went to Morehead to watch the Ky Big Blue All Star game against KCU. Brody loved it! It was a great game!

He just looked so precious and peaceful sleeping!

See what I mean? Lots of cars (not even half of them) and he loves sorting them and lining them up!

So excited about my scarves I got in yesterday from Marley Lilly! Love love love them! Can't wait to wear them!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love love loveeee those scarves! I have veen wanting to order a couple! Thanks for the great recommendation! I am now heading over to MarleyLilly!