Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pearly White's

Thank you for all of your thoughts & prayers today for sweet Brody! He did a great job and I am glad it is over with!! His appointment was at 9:00 and it started by me giving him his "spider man juice." Instead of letting him drink it because it is so bitter we used a syringe. We then went back out into the waiting room to sit for about an hour to let it take effect. After about 15 minutes, Brody started getting all loopy, couldn't stand up straight, and was talking so silly. Next thing I knew he was fast asleep.... see picture below, don't mind the big belly he is laying against.

During the time we sat out and waited while he was asleep he would wake out of his dead sleep and was so mad and angry and would start hitting and then go right back into a deep sleep. Dr. Dillow came out and got him and said from the time he took him back that he did a great job and slept the whole time. I went back to help wake him up. He ended up having his front 4 teeth filled and a pulpectomy and a cap on a back tooth. He slept the entire way home. Once we got home he was still a bit groggy but wanted to play and we had some visitors that came to check on him. About 5:00 he started running a fever and got really sleepy again and got sick. He fell asleep and slept the rest of the evening. He has now woken up, ate alot, and is playing hot rod's, so he is feeling much better!!!

Look at those pretty little teeth!!! I meant to take a before picture but totally forgot. They look wonderful!! Dr. Dillow did a great job!!

Just wanted to say if you are in the area and looking for a great pediatric dentist I definitely Hamburg Pediatric Dentistry! We have saw Dr. Day and Dr. Dillow and they ewre both great.


jenn said...

So glad he did great and is doing better

Baby Momma said...

Adorable little baby teeth!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Poor kid. But I'm so glad to hear he's doing ok and the teeth look great.