Friday, October 28, 2011

Spiderman, Football Player & 24 Weeks!

Every Wednesday at 11:30 I take Brody to Toddler Time at the Library, he loves it and has made alot of new friends! This past Wednesday was Halloween Toddler Time! All of the little ones in their costumes were so cute! Brody went as a football player, of course!

Gage, Ellie, & Brody Luke

My Football Player

On Thursday our local head-start was going trick or treating around to the local businesses so I dressed Brody up, this time he wanted to be Spider man and we went to my dad's office and he helped Aunt Les pass out candy to the kid's. It had started raining so to may it easier they just got on the school bus and passed out the treat bag's. This was Brody's 1st time to be on a school bus and he thought it was so fun!

I am now 24 Weeks! Wow! Where has the time gone? I had a Dr's appointment on Wednesday and had an ultrasound. Baby Roland # 2 looked perfect and is already weighing 1 lb 11 oz. He was big and healthy, what a blessing!!!
I am looking big and healthy too:) If you don't remember I gained 65 lbs with Brody, it's genetic. I would say it will happen again. I would gain 100 lbs if it meant a healthy baby boy. I can always lose it after. I think with breastfeeding, a 3 year old, and a newborn I may not have any trouble! haha
Not a very good picture since I tried to take a pcture of the ultrasound picture, but look how sweet? He kept his little hands up by his face alot!

24 weeks-Self Mirror Portrait

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween Weekend!!!

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Jessica said...

How cute! Riley went to preschool today as Spiderman too! You look great girl! I can't believe you are 24 weeks!! Ahhh! I'm ready to hear this sweet boy's name!