Friday, December 2, 2011


My mom got Brody Elf on the Shelf for his very 1st Christmas and for the last 2 Christmas' I have jut read the story to him and sat the elf on the mantle. This year I was hoping Brody would understand and be excited about it and he was! We started 3 nights ago by reading the story and we have read it everyday since then. Brody named his elf "Ya-Ya."

 Brody loves the story and loves his elf. The first thing he wants to do when he wakes up is find "Ya-Ya." He really takes it serious and really wants to make sure that Santa gets a good report. If he is acting up or anything I can remind him that Ya-Ya is watching and he usually straightens right up.

Now I know you aren't supposed to move your elf or touch him very much because you don't want him to lose his magic but Brody loves him so much that he just really wants to hold him sometimes, so I let him. He took him on a car ride the other day with us and then he also took a nap with him, it is precious.

The 1st morning Brody found Ya-Ya hanging from his basketball rim..
The second morning he was hanging on Hudson's mobile

The 3rd morning he was taking a bubble bath with hot rod's ( just like Brody)!!!!

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Jessica said...

We just started doing it this year too. Our elf is named Samuel & the kids just love it!!