Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Our Life Lately.....

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of traveling, family, and wonderful food!! So very blessed this Thanksgiving and always.

I can't believe that tomorrow is December 1st. Christmas will be here before we know it, then my baby turns 3, and then I will be awaiting the arrival of Hudson and being a Mama of two!! WOW!
We have been staying in alot where it is warm and cozy and ready lots of Christmas Books. We have started Elf on a Shelf and Brody loves it!! He woke up this morning to "Ya Ya" in his basketball net, he thought it was just hilarious!

I have been terrible about taking pictures with my actual camera, I always have my phone and it is so easy! Here are some pictures of what we have been up to ...

Brody eating at his favorite place to go with his Gramps- Five Guys. He loves this place and this is the only place he will eat his whole hamburger!!

I got Gel Nails!! I am so behind. I got them with one of my sister's and mom while in Florence for Thanksgiving!

Just because he is too precious!

Brody loves his hot rod's, he loves lining them up and making things. Today he wanted to make a rectangle, triangle, and a square.

He loves all of the Christmas decorations and is so excited. He loves my mom's nativity scene and especially Baby Jesus.

Oh wow... I sure am growing! 29 Weeks!

Here is my wreath I made for my front door... I will never make another one! Haha. It was so very time consuming!


Momma Wilson said...

you look great, love a growing baby belly:) and your wreath is awesome!

Mrs. Mama said...

you look fab! little guy is adorable as ever!