Sunday, February 12, 2012


It seems like just yesterday that I was blessed with my first little boy, Brody Luke. It seems like just yesterday I was heading to the hospital awaiting his arrival and I was so excited. I didn't know what was to come but the moment he was born I knew just how blessed I had been. As I sit here and type this the night before I go to the hospital to meet my 2nd son and once again be blessed I have so many thoughts running through my head. It is hard to imagine the love for a child until you have your own. Brody is my world, my life and being a good, christian mother to him is so important to me. My heart is so full of joy and happiness to know that I have been blessed with another son to be a mother too. I pray that I will always be able to be the best mother that I can to my two sweet boys. Although they may be children of God I hope and pray that they will grow up to be men of God. I feel so blessed that I am chosen to raise two boys. My heart is so full of love for Brody that it is hard for me to imagine right now having another son to love and take care of, my heart may just explode. Tonight I am feeling so unbelievably blessed!!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day........
I will be a mom to two precious baby boys!!!!!!!!