Friday, February 10, 2012

Meeting Tate & Snow

My childhood friend Whitney was blessed with her sweet baby boy right before Christmas and she made her 1st trip back home with him and came up for a visit so we could meet her precious William Tate! He sure is a doll!!!! Brody absolutely LOVED him. Whitney let him help change him and feed him and he did a great job! He was really wanting to take care of him and he kept bringing him toys and even read his bible book to him. He kept saying he was an "adorable little baby." It made me so excited for what it is to come with Hudson. He was so gentle and sweet with him! I think he is going to be a great big brother!!!!!!!! It was great to finally get to meet Tate and to visit with Whitney whom I don't get to see very often!!

Whitney, Tate &Brody- such a big helper!

Brody & Tate

Sweet little boys!

It began snowing here around 3:00 and we have a little dusting but may be getting more later tonight. I am okay with the little dusting and nothing more. Timmy is on his way home, yay! Can't wait for him to be home for a few weeks! We are having a family day tomorrow, not sure what all we are going to do but were having our last full day as a family of 3! Can't wait!

I have been working on my spring wreath so it is done before Hudson comes since I know I won't have alot of extra time, especially to make a time consuming spring wreath and Brody LOVES to help!
 Brody hadn't napped all day and he was playing with his cars when I looked in the living room this is what I saw!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

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Mrs. Mama said...

aw what a nice little helper! he's going to do so well in his big brother role!