Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Today Brody had his 6 month check up at Hamburg Pediatric Dentistry, which we love. It is a 2 hour drive for us but is worth it to go somewhere that Brody feels comfortable at and they are just awesome! He had his dental work done about 6 months ago and had several cavities and even a silver cap put on. I am glad to say that today Brody got to put his little blue star on the NO CAVITY WALL! Yay! After the dentist we let Brody picked where he wanted to eat and we met my sister Lindsey. He chose Fazoli's  and then we took a special trip to Target!
He was such a big boy and did a great job!!!


Dental Clinic said...

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Beth Dunn said...

What a sweetie! he has a beautiful smile

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness I love their football outfits!!! Yay for a good check up! I know you are glad! :)