Monday, May 14, 2012

All kinds of things....

I have been terrible at blogging lately.... lately as in since Hudson was born! I will say I do not have much free time on my hands with Brody, Hudson, and online classes. Oh and housework and being a good mother and wife but I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! I like to keep up with my blog so I have something to always look back on to see how fun, crazy, and wonderful my life is!!

Alot has been going on the past few weeks that I want to share....

My Best friend Laura had her beautiful baby girl Willow! She is absolutely precious!!! Of course I went to Lexington as soon as she had her, just couldn't help myself!!  We had been waiting what seemed like a long time for this little blessing! Hudson and Brody have another new girlfriend :)

Another one of my Best friends, Alyssa and her husband Tyler had a gender revel party last night.. I wore my blue. I thought for sure they would have a boy.... I was wrong!!! So excited for them to be having a baby girl!!! Brody and Hudson will have another girlfriend to choose from! Seems like I am the only one going to have the boys..haha Including myself 3 of my best friends have had babies or will have within the same year and Hudson is the only boy!

Brody got to meet Wow Wow Wubzy at Mialyn's 3rd Birthday Party!!

My two precious boys and more coordinating outfits!! I love it!
Hudson & Abby after church this past Sunday! They are 5 weeks apart and already love spending time with each other..haha :)

Mother's day with my two precious boys!!!!! This was my 1st Mother's Day with two boys and a mother to Hudson! As you cans see my hands are full, my cup runneth over with these two blessings in my life! I am so thankful and blessed to be their mother!!!

This is just a little update on what has been going on....  there has been lots more. In the last few weeks I have ....
--Finished up my spring semester of online classes and started my summer classes today
-- Got a new vehicle which only took me about 12 hours to decide..
--Became a 31 Consultant!
-- Seems like there has been so much more but trust me I stay SUPER busy with 2 precious little boys!!!!!!

I am looking forward to in the next few weeks..

--Weekend Trip to Louisville for my sister Lindsey and Roberts celebrating ( wedding reception since they had a small surprise wedding)
-- The beach!!!!!!!!

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