Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We have a swimmer!!

As I woke up this morning and got on facebook I saw all kinds of 1st day of school posts and it made me so happy to realize I wasn't sending my baby for his 1st day yet, we still have about 2 years!HA.. I still won't be prepared even in 2 years!
We had a fun pool day with Mialyn & Gage!! They are all so cute and love it swim! Going to enjoy these last days of soaking up the sun at the pool. Hudson loves to swim too!! Big News...  Brody is now a swimmer!!!!! ( I have been trying to upload a video but I can't get it to work!)! He has been wearing his puddle jumper all summer and doing great. One day last week Gage was over ( he can swim) and Brody decided he was going to swim too and he took that puddle jumper off and in he went! I am so proud of him! Puts my mind at ease... we have a pool and a big pond in the backyard and although I am ALWAYS watching him you just never know what could happen. So living right by all that water it makes me feel a bit better knowing he can now swim! Yay! Go Brody Luke!!!!!

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