Sunday, August 12, 2012

Winner & Weekend

Thanks to all that entered my Hair Bows Couture Giveaway! The winner is "Just The Two of Us." Be checking back as I have a few more reviews/giveaways that are coming up!!

Wasn't the weather here in KY just awesome this weekend? I couldn't believe how cool it was, about 79 degrees! It got me really excited for Fall! We started out the weekend on Friday night having a church cookout at my parents cabin and it was alot of fun! Timmy made it home safely once again on Friday night from Atlanta! All of my family was in for the weekend to celebrate my Dad's Birthday ( tomorrow) and my Parents 39th Wedding Anniversary! My parents rented a inflatable water slide for the kids for Saturday to kind of end the summer ( it was alot of fun for the big kids too :) )
What a fun weekend had by all!!! Now we are kicking off Shark week on the discovery channel, Brody has been waiting all day!!


Johannah said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Love the slide for the kids!!! =)

Anonymous said...

yay, thank you! I emailed you back! plus the weather was beautiful this weekend, i couldn't get enough! the boys are getting big! hinkvsa

Petchie said...

Cute pictures! I am definitely liking the cooler weather too and I'm really excited for Fall as well!