Saturday, September 27, 2008

Can't sleep

Sex in the City WAS A GREAT MOVIE!!!!!! I never got the chance to go and see it while it was in the theater but I went and rented it yesterday and I just finished wacthing it and I loved it and I recommend it to eveyr girl out there, and guys might even like it too:) I never really followed the TV episodes much but I will watch them here and there but it's totally okay, the moive was great!!!!!! Watch it if you get a chance!!!

I have been feeling great, I've had cabin fever a little bit the past few days though. It is tough with Timmy working 3rd shift and his off days being Sunday and Monday. He never really wants to go do anythign thru the week so it seems I plant myself in my recliner and he plants himself on the couch, which is fine during the week because I am ususally tired and jsut want to relax. But then when he is off on Sunday, you can't do a whole lot becaus ehe still needs to sleep some and then he is off Monday but I am at work, it is okay though we are just on different schedules and never have time to really go out and do anything. So I am looking forward to the month of October. Alot of stuff is going on I can look forward too. My birthday!! My baby shower! My Birthday suprise with my Mom, sisters, and cousin Lacey (I have no idea what it is) and then Courtday weekend!

I wish we had the furniture and bedroom stuff in so we could get started on the room ,etc.. it will be here sooon enough though.

Well I can't sleep.. I used to be in bed by like 10:00 if not earlier, now I can't go to bed before midnight it seems, so that is why I am writing here..

Everything is just great..... I need some new shirts though.. I have gotten by until now because I wasn't showing a whole lot and I had a lot of flowy summer shirts, but all of my pre-preg fall stuff is tight and form fitting which is fine while you are pregnant, just some of it looks like it is too small and Im wearing my little sisters clothes... so I need to go get some new shirts for fall. Oh wow, I just look in my closet and I wonder will I ever be able to wear all of my size 6 jeans and shirts, you bet I will. I will work my butt of again I can't let my whole closet go to waste.. no way am I buying another 30 pair of jeans in a new size..

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