Friday, November 5, 2010

Brody Luke-- 22 Month's Old

22 Month's Old

Brody Luke,

Brody you are 22 Month's old today, wow!! 2 more months until you turn the BIG TWO!!! Doesn't seem quite possible that you are already this old!

You are such a sweet heart and so very loving, you love to give hugs and kisses and tell people that you love them. You are so friendly and will go to almost anyone. You are such a talker, you say EVERYTHING!! You talk and jabber so much, wonder who you get that from? You are learning so many different things. You aer starting to put small sentences together and phrases, you are too cute, I just love hearing you talk.  You love watching cartoons, you love them all! You love to play Hot Rod's still, they are your favorite. It is so cute how you will just take your little cars and play for hours lining them up and making them go vroom vroom. You love to draw, paint, and color!

You are a little bit of a picky eater. You love snacks... but as far as meals you like chicken nuggets, spaghetti, waffles, pancakes, pizza, and the only way  I can get you to eat veggies is with a chicken pot pie!!

You are still taking your paci, which you call your pa-pa. You are wearing sz 5 diapers but I am getting ready to try and start potty training you, let's hope it goes well!!

You are wearing 24 months-2t in clothing and you weigh about 28-29 lbs. You are getting so big and so tall! You wear a sz 6-7 W in shoe.

You are such a sweet boy Brody and once again each month I write this I am so thankful for being your Momma!!!!



Sarah Ann said...

So sweet :)
You're a good mommy!

Lauren said...

how sweet!