Saturday, May 21, 2011

1st Pool day of the season!

What a wonderful day we have had today to start off this beautiful weekend! I know that with all the rain and gloomy weather we have had I was really needing a Pool day! Today we were able to have our 1st pool day of the season! Timmy was playing in a golf scramble so Me and Brody were going to hang out at the pool all day, and we were surprised with a visit from my sister Tisha, Matt, Zach, and Landon! The boys all got to swim and eat popsicles and eat a great lunch prepared by my Momma!

The pool water WAS freezing but that didn't stop us!!!

Don't you just love Brody's swim attire for the day? A swim vest with a swim diaper with his adorable, cute, chubby belly hanging out? I sure do!!!!!!!! He had trunks on but took them off and I haven't got his tube yet so this vest had to do and honestly were at home so what does it matter?:) Honestly it wouldn't matter to me if we weren't at home. Just thought he looked cute!

In exactly 1 week we will be laying on the beach!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!


Suz said...

I am SO looking forward to the pool! We have a neighborhood pool being put in now and I am DYING to go!

Kristin said...

Fun! We went to our community pool for an hour Saturday morning - the water was FREEZING, but this prego lady still got in :)

I got my wine glass yesterday, thank you so much, it's adorable!!!

Jessica said...

Yay for the pool being open!