Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Potty Training & A trip to the dentist

You may have read on here before about a few trips Brody has had to the dentist and some of the problems he is having with his little teeth aka cavities. We made another trip to the Dentist today, to see if they could use Laughing Gas and be able to fill a few cavities. I didn't really think that Brody would let them but I wanted to try one last time (rather than putting him to sleep.) He really was trying to be a big boy but he just did not want it done. I am looking for a good pediatric dentist in the Lexington area if any of you have any recommendations, please let me know!

I am so proud of Brody!!! We started potty training 2 weeks ago today and it has went so well. I am so glad that I waited until he was a bit older because honestly it has been so easy. He was definitely ready and it helped so much! Over the last 2 weeks of training he has woke up dry every morning, and probably has only had a total of 5 accidents the whole time, I would say he is Trained. He still is so proud each time he uses the potty and he continues to tell me that he is a BIG BOY! I am so proud of my Big Boy!

Thank you all so much for all of the advice on my last post about baby gear!

Here are some pictures from my Iphone of daily happening's around here...

Mr. Gattis for some fun after library time

Eating lunch at Fazoli's.. one of our favorite's
Took a trip to the apple orchard!
Brody loves apples!
Playing football after church

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Kim said...

Poor thing, I'm sure those cavities are painful, I hope you can find a good dentist for him.

Yay for Brody being potty trained!!! It took us a few months with H but we finally made it. :) I'm sure you are very proud, amazing what little things like this can make a Momma so proud. ♥